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Theluxuryone.com is a luxury reselling website that deals in the buying, selling, stocking, and reselling of branded luxury products. Signing up for and using any services will be interpreted as an agreement to all future terms and conditions, as well as that the user has read, understood, and found themselves bound by the legalities of the agreement. The terms and conditions are subject to periodic revisions at the discretion of the website, which may continue indefinitely. Users agree to be bound by the terms and conditions as long as they continue to access and use the website’s services. If users do not agree to the terms and do not wish to be legally bound by the services, they may opt-out.


Ownership of Rights


The authorities governing the website data prohibit any copying, storage in part or whole, other than non-commercial uses as specified or for personal use, without the explicit permission of theluxuryone.com. All information displayed on the website, transmitted in any form, or carried on the website is protected by copyright and intellectual property laws governing legal content distribution. Third-party content on the website may also be the owner of copyrights and intellectual property rights. The owners or licensors of theluxuryone.com design, update and maintain the website. Users must exercise restraint and are prohibited from commercially exploiting any content published on the website. This includes copying, modifying, reproducing, transferring, transmitting, publishing, selling, distributing, deriving work from, creating, reposting, or displaying copyrighted website content.


Registration and Eligibility Requirements


Users aged 18 and above are considered of legal age to subscribe to the website’s services. Aside from human users, automated machines, scripts, and automated services are not permitted to use the website’s services. Theluxuryone.com reserves all rights to allow or deny users access to the website’s services, including the right to terminate access granted to existing users without being required to provide a reason for the action. Users are only permitted to have one account registered with the website. Furthermore, users are not permitted to transfer, trade, or sell their account information to third parties.


User Password, Security, and Account


User Information includes all the information provided by the user during registration, listing, buying process guidelines, feedback, or through any email verification feature, in written letter form, mailed, or submitted to any of the website’s physical stores and offices. All user information will be safeguarded in accordance with the terms and conditions outlined in the COMPANY’s Privacy Policy. Users are expected to keep their accounts confidential and to protect their own passwords registered with the website. They are also accountable for all activities carried out under the account’s purview.Theluxuryone.com would not be responsible for any loss or damage caused to users as a result of their inherent failure to protect the aforementioned information and passwords. Users are expected to contact or notify website authorities immediately if they suspect unauthorized use of their password or account by a known party or possible suspects who may have access. Upon confirmation of said suspicion or any activity that indicates a breach of secure accounts, theluxuryone.com will require users to change their passwords or further suspend any future activity, while also absolving the website of any liabilities that may result from said actions.


User Obligations

While accessing the website, users agree to refrain from:


  1. a) Disparage, abuse, mistreat, threaten, or violate in any way the legal rights of other users
  2. b) Use bookmarks, keywords, or tags to engage in inappropriate publishing, propagation, uploading, or publishing of any information deemed grossly offensive and inappropriate, including unlawful subject matter, topics, content, or information
  3. c) Upload potentially malicious items to the website, such as files containing viruses and corrupted or damaging items that can disturb the website’s operation
  4. d) Create or falsely portray any affiliation with third-party websites, or imitate an entity or individual
  5. e) Attempt to gain unauthorized access to any functionalities or parts of the website, servers, or system used for its operation by using illegal password monitoring or illegitimate software.
  6. f) Attempt to circumvent the website’s security features with the intent of interfering with the normal operation of the website’s services, devices, network, or software and hardware.
  7. g) Make an attempt to identify flaws or potential points of failure in the security systems used to safeguard the website, data centers, and associated systems.
  8. h) Create a method for gaining unauthorized access to other users’ information, or exploiting existing data available on the website and any services in relation to its operation.
  9. i) Attempt to violate any guidelines or codes of conduct applicable to the website’s specific services.
  10. j) Intentionally violate domestic or international laws and regulations.
  11. k) Attempt to or violate the Terms of Use and any other applicable website terms mentioned in the agreement or elsewhere.
  12. l) create derivative works from existing content, reverse engineer to understand functionality, modify, copy, transmit, distribute, perform, display, publish, reproduce, license, transfer, or even sell website-related information and software.




Employees, directors, representatives, officers, and any successors of theluxuryone.com shall be defended, indemnified, and held innocuous as agreed by the user upon signing the agreement from and against any and all arising liabilities. This includes claims, damages, losses, expenses, or attorney fees arising from said user’s actions or claims made, as well as actions or failure to act that may result in a loss or liability to theluxuryone.com. This includes, but is not limited to, any third-party representations, undertakings, or breaches of warranties relating to the failure to fulfill user obligations as stated and mentioned in the user agreement. It also includes infringements of applicable laws and regulations applicable to the website, including but not limited to the payment of any statutory dues, taxation, Intellectual Property Rights (IPR), violation of publicity or privacy rights, claims of libel, including defamation, or loss of service by others adhered, and even infringement of IPR as well as other associated rights. This clause will remain in effect even if the User Agreement expires or is terminated in the future.


Limitation of Liability and Disclaimer of Warranties


Theluxuryone.com makes every effort to ensure that the information here on the website is correct. However, the website disclaims all warranties or representations about the quality, accuracy, or completeness of the information, details, products, or services. Theluxuryone.com will not be subject to liability for any direct, implicit, impactful, special, punitive, or incidental consequences arising from a) the capacity or inability to use types of services; b) alteration or unauthorized access to user transmission and data; or c) any and all related matters to the website’s services.


This includes, without limitation, any damages resulting from loss of use, profit generated, or data made accessible, all arising from or in connection with the operation of a website or said use of all the services. Theluxuryone.com is also not liable for any service delays or incapability to use the site or other related services. This includes the inability or failure to just provide services, as well as any details, products, software, or graphics acquired through the website or in regards to any services originating from the website. These liabilities may be based on wrongful acts, negligence, or strict legal penalties, however, the website is not liable for specific claims. Theluxuryone.com can also organize periodic website updates and upgrades, but cannot be held responsible if services are unavailable for the length of the maintenance. The COMPANY will also not be accountable for service disruptions or unplanned suspensions of access caused by factors beyond the website’s control. Any materials retrieved or obtained from the website through other means are done purely at the user’s discretion, and the user concedes this action. The user is solely liable for any damage to computing software or systems, as well as any data loss, that results from actions taken on their behalf.




Unless either theluxuryone.com or the user ends the agreement, all points, terms, as well as conditions expressed herein will remain in effect. Users must submit a detailed request to theluxuryone.com expressing their desire to be removed from the website’s database and acknowledge the cessation of use of the website and its content.


Theluxuryone.com also reserves the right to terminate the license agreement without prior notice and to deny any valid access to the website’s contents. Such a dismissal will also exempt the website from any future liability arising from the action. Upon termination of the agreement, whether by the user or the website, all components and content obtained or retrieved by the user, or any such remainder copies, must be destroyed, whether or not made under the user agreement. The agreement’s termination has no bearing on the website’s right to any of the aforementioned comments. Termination also does not exempt the user from paying any outstanding balances for services already obtained through the website. This does not affect any pending liabilities owed by the user under the Terms of Service agreement.




After reading theluxuryone.com’s Privacy Policy, users agree that they comprehend the terms of service and henceforth express their assent to the same. Furthermore, users know and accept the Privacy Policy and Terms of Service as stated in the agreement.


Essential Employee Information

The Luxury One is intent on bringing and safeguarding a serene workspace for all its employees. It holds utmost importance in providing a great work culture and atmosphere to everyone involved. The company has some rules and regulations in place to ensure there are no compromises with its services, products, and work ethics. Listed below are some terms and conditions the company has in place for employees:
● The employees working with and/or for The Luxury One are obliged not to store, share, or make use of any consumer data for personal reasons. The failure of obliging with the above policy will result in the employee’s termination and required legal actions
● The TLO will not tolerate any kind of product misuse by the employees neither for personal use nor for showcasing the products online in any form
● The company’s new joiners are required to serve a probation period of three months on joining
● If any employee is terminated by the company, the company is required to notify the said employee about their termination, 15 days prior in case the employee is on probation and a month prior to the employee who is with the company post confirmation.
● Employees looking to quit the company but are serving their probation period will be obliged to notify the company 15 days in advance
● Employees that have been with the company for longer are required to serve a notice period of 1.5 months before leaving the company
● Employees that work full-time with The Luxury One are under the legal binding and cannot be associated or working with any other firms.
● TLO employees are also discouraged from signing up for any additional part-time, full-time, or freelancing projects Individuals looking forward to joining the TLO team or wanting to know more about the work culture of the company can get in touch via team@theluxuryone.com

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