Product Condition

The Luxury One wants to make shopping an easier and more enjoyable experience for its customers. This is the very reason we include tags that let customers know about the type of product they are looking at. The items listed on our website are categorized into three basic sections:



Products listed with the “New” tag are possibly the most eye-catching listings on the website. As the name suggests, this category includes products that are unbothered, unused, or in other terms brand new. Most of the products in this listing are available with their original packaging. For shoppers that are on the hunt for a brand new luxury item to add to their wardrobe without shelling out an amount that equals its original price, this is the perfect listing.



A step-down, not literally, from the above listing is the “Like-new” listing. Products included under this category have been dotingly used by their previous owners and are being passed on to new buyers with love and kindness. Like-new products are available in pristine condition with negligible signs of use. For people that are worried about visible signs of use, this is the perfect solution. Shoppers get to buy their own premium branded accessories while saving money as well as the environment.



This category amasses products that have been previously loved and well used with its culture and elegance still intact. These products have stories to be told and memories to be cherished. They also hold the ability to build more beautiful memories with the new owner. Products listed under this category may come with minor flaws that may be prominently visible. Minor marks and/or scratches may also appear on some well-loved listings.

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