How To Sell

It is normal to fall out of love with a spur of the moment purchase. Or not have enough space in your crammed closet for some of your beloved but seldom used purchases. This is where The Luxury One can come to your rescue. If you decide to part with your beloved belongings but want to see them find another loving owner, we are here to help you find the suitable match. Here is a step by step guide of how the sell with TLO process works:

1. Seller form

 Be it a new collection piece, or a potential buyer, no matter what your search is for, it all starts with this form here.

2. Bag-fie

It is important for all the parties involved to verify the condition and the appearance of the products. After all, looks do matter. The next step following the form-filling is sharing the pictures of the products with The Luxury One team. This step helps us determine which category the products fit into and the price range that it can be set at.

3. Price proposition

We at The Luxury One believe in working mutually and adding success stories alongside our sellers. This means involving you, the seller, in as many decision-making steps as possible. The reselling price of any product listed on the website is determined in conversations with the seller. This process involves healthy discussions about the product quality, condition, and the potential amount it can be priced at.

4. Pick up

The Luxury One further makes things easier for its sellers by offering pick up services for the products they are looking to sell. This means, the seller does not need to send in their expensive goods to us with delivery services they may or may not trust. The Luxury One has tied up with trusty courier services to provide free and reliable pick up services all across the country.

5. Contract

Following the arrival of the product at the TLO office, the team will get in touch with you and guide you through the process ahead. The very next step after the product’s arrival is the signing of the 100-day contract with The Luxury One. It involves your products will be listed with us for 100 days. During this period your product can not be listed on any other page or website. If you wish to withdraw your product before the set period, the luxury one charges a fine.

6. The TLO Services

Once the dotted lines on the contract have been signed, the TLO team will start working its magic to find the perfect buyers. First the product will go through authenticity checks and certification to ensure nothing goes awry in the transfer of the product. Following the authentication, TLO will market and promote the listed product on their website and social handles and even include product photoshoots in their list of responsibilities.

7. Pay it forward

Once the product has reached the new buyer and no return takes place within 24 hours, your product is considered as SOLD.

Post which you can expect the amount to be credited to your account within 2 working days.

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