The Luxury One team aims to bring its customers the relief of buying just the originals. We aim to carefully inspect luxury items and redact ones that do not pass our quality checks. The team has experienced professionals on the stand that have a great eye for vetting all the factors necessary for declaring a product authentic.

Our authenticity checks also involve the products being listed on the website being approved by various professional authenticators that have been working in the luxury fashion industry for a long time. We ensure that everything is right from stitching and labels to the quality of leather and the codes on the products including the other finer details that make up the grandiose of the product. 

The Luxury One aims to uphold the trust our customer’s place in us. For this, we involve multiple eyes of various levels of expertise before officially authenticating any products. This ensures that all the products that are listed on the website have gone through rigorous quality checks before getting our approval. This means our customers can shop without the fear of being duped by lower quality products than they paid for. 

Multiple aspects help us determine and safely declare a product authentic. Some of these aspects are:

  • Zipper

Luxury products are defined by the quality and elegance they ooze. Zippers are just one of the high-end aspects of these high-end items.

  • Stitching quality

The finish and quality of stitch on luxury brands is a telltale sign of the amount of thought and effort that has been put into the making of the said product. Uneven stitching screams fake and dupes as reputed brands never produce products that are lackluster in quality. 

  • Brand Logo 

Luxury brands are known and recognized by their logos. Some brands choose to use their initials as their recognizing factor while some others have uniquely designed sign that stands as their identity. In either case, the logo is well-crafted and is one of the most telling factors about the authenticity of any product. 

The Luxury One and its external authenticity partners work in tandem to provide our customers with all the assurance they need to make their shopping experience with us easier. Shoppers can avail of the authenticity certificate for their purchased product by making a payment of Rs. 2000. This certificate will be provided by our authenticity partners and can be used as a valid document if the shopper ever wants to resell the product. Shoppers can avail 100% refund if the product is proven counterfeit. We have zero room for counterfeit products. We are registered with leading authentication forums and groups that most luxury brands are tied up with. 

It is prudent to note that The Luxury One is a luxury re-selling platform for pre-loved and new luxury products by premium fashion and luxury brands. The Luxury One in no way claims to be an authorized reseller for the brands that are listed on the website.

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