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Affordable shopping.
Enviable luxury.

Affordable shopping. Enviable luxury.

Looking for an e-commerce site that deals in pre-loved high-end fashion and accessory brands waiting to be re-loved?

The Luxury One operates with the modus operandi of making “Luxury appealing and approachable”. We offer great prices on both new and preowned products that will have your heart right from the first look.

The Luxury One aims at bringing luxurious pieces to your closets at prices that could make your eyes pop with excitement. With brands like Chanel, Louis Vuitton, Hermes, Gucci, Burberry, Rolex, Cartier, and more, we aim to be the one-stop pandora’s box of luxury preowned and new fashion. 

Values we live by



Our specially curated catalog contains bags, accessories, watches, and the likes to help you keep up with your luxurious needs at affordable prices.


Passion for results

We have on-board trained and experienced eyes that could tell you in detail about the real from the reel. This means, you never ever have to worry about being duped.


Constantly improving

Browse our envious luxury brand collection and dive into the world of pre-loved products.

Why should you buy pre-owned you may wonder?

To start with, it goes easy on the environment and is lighter in your pocket. You get access to more trend-setting additions for your closet. And above all, the dedicated team at The Luxury One ensures that you save yourself from buying counterfeit products.

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